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I had a conversation today with a dear friend, one with whom the conversations always leave me thinking. I like conversations that leave me thinking. Those conversations where nobody is trying to change anyone else’s mind, but communication is open and the give and take of ideas freely shared. If you have such a friend, hold on to them, they are a joy and a wonder and a rare gift to find.

Today’s conversation left me thinking about personal energy. No that wasn’t the subject of the conversation, that’s where my mind wandered to afterwards. Personal energy, how much energy do we expend on something that directly relates to our personal life; how much energy do we expend on those things that don’t relate directly to our personal life? How much energy do we spend railing at those things we can’t change, compared to the energy we spent on the things we can change?

Am I in balance with the energy I have to spend and what I choose to spend it on? Am I like that silly little puppy who keeps chasing it’s own tail, not realizing I’m only going around in circles and distracting myself from what I need to be doing? Or am I like the stalking cat, that sees my goals clearly and takes care with each step leading me to my desired object? Spending as much energy as I need to reach my goals, and not wasting any excess energy?

Where are you spending your personal energy? No, I don’t want details, I’m just pondering thoughts. It’s coming up to mid-winter, the longest night of the year, perhaps it’s just the time for ponderings.

3 thoughts on “Personal Energy

  1. Good thought and good friend!! šŸ˜€ Which also leads to the thought have you even defined what you want and do your actions reflect that?? šŸ˜€ Oh these are deep thoughts for a Friday… need chocolate…

  2. What a great question, one we should all ponder sometimes!

    I, too, am more aware of how and where I spend my personal energy. Sometimes if the day is fluttered away which is rare these days, I’ve learnt not to beat myself up over it. My mind (and energy reservoir) obviously needed a break. I call them “whatever days” because I did “whatever” came to mind and, in the end, only I have to answer to me.

  3. I love those kinds of people, blogs, emails, u name it too… When I go off track, I use self talk to get me back on and playing the right video in my mind… I call it….
    Turning the channel.

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