Class over

Well, another semester has come to a close. I had my final portfolio review today and I’m pleased with the feedback I received.

This is the last drawing I did for the class:


It’s an adequate drawing. There was another drawing he would like to see, if possible, when I pick up the drawings that are on display next week. But, realistically, it may not be possible. This is the result of going back to school and still trying to run my business and manage my husband’s:


I can’t even see the desktop, the bin to the left is all paperwork that must either be recorded or filed!!! Yikes! I think I know what I’ll be doing for the next couple weeks, digging myself out from under all that paperwork!

So, my end of class review for myself. I’m pleased with the progress I have made. I’ve gone from telling myself I can’t draw, to telling myself I can draw, AND accepting the limitations I currently have on my skills, yet knowing that to improve my skills, all I need to do is devote the time and energy to it.

My final take, if there is anything you are currently telling yourself you can’t do, but you have the desire to do, invest in yourself to learn. I picked up a charm this weekend when I was out shopping, a pretty silver spiral with engraving on it. The engraving states:

“Whether you think you CAN or CAN’T, you’re RIGHT” (capitalization mine).

8 thoughts on “Class over

  1. Well, it looks to me like you can draw very well, thank you very much!! That is lovely.

    I’ve been enjoying your drawings.

    Have a Merry Christmas, and here’s to uncluttered flat surfaces, whatever that is. LOL

  2. Wonderful drawing Judy! You have really come a long way in such a short time! Vive L’Artiste!!

    About that desk… mine looks like that ALL the time!! (and I don’t have any of the excuses you do…) LOL

  3. Judy – I’ve been popping by occasionally and looking at your drawings. Not only can you draw, I think you are very talented. If you think that desk is messy, you should see mine! You can’t even see any part of the desk — all there is are stacks and stacks of paper. I have to pat everything down to find a pen or pencil. It’s really gotten out of hand.


  4. Thanks guys, I don’t feel so bad about that desk now. And last night I was without internet all night……so part of that paperwork is now cleared off…..a small part of it…… a very very small part of it!!!!! LOL

  5. Oh Judy…. you often don’t see flat surfaces at my house… and when you do, the crew takes it as a sign to cover it over. The drawing is great!! And the saying is perfect!!

  6. Judy – I am so impressed with your growth and with your gumption to tackle a class. So many of us are paralyzed by fear of failure. You are an inspiration. Love the charm saying.

  7. G, HI THERE!!!! I didn’t know that was a Henry Ford quote…lol, just saw it, liked it and bought the charm!! It does say it all in so many ways, doesn’t it?

    Thanks to everyone for the encouragement along the way…..I really am a big believer in you can do what you put your mind to.

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