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How I spent my day

First I spent the morning working on some drawings. Nothing to the picture stage yet, it’s a slow process for me.

Afterwards, I decided it was time to bathe the dogs, all 4 of the inside ones. I started right after lunch, and it’s now after 7 pm. Yes, it took all day to get them to this point.

First the oldest, looking pretty good for being 15 and in poor health. This is the most activity I’ve seen from him in a week. He’s in that aging slow down stage now.

Then the little king, Mr. Bear, Mr. Little Bear in his mind….no make that KING LITTLE BEAR…..LOL yes, this one has a high opinion of himself… might recognize him as the little critter in the header as well. He doesn’t mind getting his pic taken, but was distracted by the skittish one running from the camera.

And the skittish one… took 7 pictures to get one where he wasn’t running away! But I finally got one, well almost, at least his body was still even if his head was still moving……

And finally, the time-consuming one. When I got her, nobody told me the silkier and less curly a cocker’s fur the more it mats. So far today 3 brushings after her bath and she’s still not entirely done…….sigh……. and knowing her as soon as they get let outside she’ll go roll in the mud!

She turned her head on me, the little stinker, she did not want her picture taken again. She will sit still as a stone for Mike when he takes her picture and she turns from me as soon as I pick up the camera?

Not exactly what I had planned to do today, but a productive day, in it’s own way, I guess?

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