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Holiday Memories

One of my favorite things to do at this time of the year is to put up a tree. When we lived in Canada, we didn’t put the tree up until about a week before the holiday. Since we’ve moved south, I’ve put it up earlier and earlier every year, BUT I REFUSE to put it up before Thanksgiving. One holiday season at a time please! And lately every year I fuss and bluster that I’m not going to put up a tree this year, but every year I do. And every year, on the day I do, I take a trip down memory lane. I think I continue to put up a tree specifically for the memories.

Memory Lane is a good place to visit. We’ve downsized the tree over the years, so now every ornament on the tree has a special memory associated with a person or a time in our lives.

I hope you enjoy my trip down memory lane:

Small but special, the village underneath is a North Pole grouping that I painted many years ago.

My baby boy, so tiny back then.

One of my favorite ornaments, 1987 was a VERY good year! (To be topped off in January 1988!)

DH’s memories and mine mixed.

Candle holder from Dad, and beaded ornament from Gramma Rose

What would the holiday be without a group of reindeer?

Or two?

And I ran out of camera batteries just BEFORE I could take a picture of the mess I made of the living room doing this today. Impeccable timing! Aren’t you glad?

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