Portrait on Cotton

Let me start this with an apology to the subject of this portrait. If you are reading this my dear K, know this was a first attempt at a portrait. The instructor wanted us to use a family member and I don’t think I’ve captured your beauty and spirit. Hugs to you from me, when I improve I’ll do another one for you if you’d like.

Now, to the subject at hand. Today in drawing class I was given permission to work the remainder of the class assignments I have due on fabric with colored pencil! YEAH!!!!!! One of the reasons I took this class was to be able to translate what’s in my head to fabric. And to do that I really needed to work on fabric. This is Kona Cotton adhered to freezer paper and then done with Prismacolor pencils. It’s not finished yet, somehow I’ve managed to flatten her gorgeous curled hair. And the earrings, well they were metallic gorgeous shiny and I have absolutely NO idea how to capture that effect, so there is more to be done.

Yet, for a first attempt at a full portrait, in a medium I’ve not used to this extent before, I’m pleasantly surprised. Well, except when I put it beside the photo I used as reference…….sigh……


Once this is finished, it will be heat set. Then most likely adhered to a fusible stiffener (Pellon P2 is what I’m currently using), matted and framed. And from there I don’t know what will happen to it.

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  1. Keep up the good work! Answering your question from Quilt Art blog—-I have done a lot of colored pencil on fabric. I found iron heat set not totally satisfactory, some say the fabric needs to be washed first to make heat set work better. But I use a matte spray fixative that is normally used for paper. It works great, seals the pencil, and leaves no residue. If you are hanging on wall and not washing it works well. You ought to try the water colored pencil or crayons for a diferent look, with a paint brush it gives it a water color look.

  2. I think that you should do some thread painting…your thread could bring back some of the curls and shine to her hair…also you could use the thread to add some shading to her face, and glitter thread will make the earring shine. Another thing you might want to try is the Shiva oil sticks to add some shading to your face. (It can be heat set too. Do it before using thread.

  3. hey Aunt Judy! i think it looks ace! and i’m super flattered 🙂

    First tries are meant to go a bit wrong – thats the learning curve i suppose. The earring were made out of shell actually – maybe try pale greens & grey maybe yellow?

    i have another photo for you anyway – my Graduation photo!

    I love you! Keep up the art kxoxo

  4. Wonderful, Judy,
    How about Lumiere fabric paint for the earring? It would give you the shimmer you want, and the fabric still stays soft and flexible so it’s easy to stitch through. Susan

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