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Houston was wonderful! A trip to be enjoyed and photo’s to be looked over for ages to come. The quilts and textile art was fabulous, beyond what I had imagined it would be. If you ever get a change to go to International Quilt Festival in Houston, GO! We (Gayle and Sammi and I) spent Thursday through Sunday there. In that time, I thought I had seen all the quilts, and yet when I come home and catch up with websites there are quilts that I never saw! And I spent time every day in the exhibit viewing and studying the pieces.

Coming home, I needed to catch up with my drawing class. They started on portraits without me!!!! LOL So today I started working on eyes. Below are a few of the samples I did in class. A shout out thank you to Ryan from class, his help was immense today. Sometimes all it takes is a pointer or two and things finally click and make sense!

Today’s sample drawings:



On the fabric front, I’ve been working on a fractured quilt challenge. It’s been enjoyable and I’m looking forward to the exchange with other artists. One of the techniques I’m using to enhance my sections I’m making are the watercolor crayons. I really like the way I can enhance coloration details with these! Every time I use them I’m amazed again. I started with hand-dyed fabrics for the petals, but I wanted more striping in it for detail. End result, I like what’s happening on fabric!


4 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Your ‘eyes’ have such depth and “soul”. And the flower petals look great too! I haven’t tried the watercolor crayons yet, but I do use other paints to add depth.

  2. Michelle is right, your eyes are so very expressive. Great job! And I really like how the floweer petals turned out. Can’t wait to see the whole thing.

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