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a bit of paint, a little bit of dye and a little bit of fun……

I made a promise to myself a bit ago. That every morning I would devote at least 15 minutes to a “me” project. Not one that must be done for a deadline, not a customer order, just something for me. A little bit of playtime to start the day off right.

The last few mornings I’ve been working on a painting. I had no idea where this painting was going when I started the background, I just painted the background sky. The next day I added in some grass. This morning I spent a bit more than 15 minutes on it, but had fun and that’s the entire purpose of this promise to myself. To start every day with a bit of creative fun to get things flowing.

Somewhere along the way, this painting decided it wanted to be of an abandoned row boat in a field. I’ve got some ideas for tomorrow morning, but for today this is how far I’ve gotten:

I find myself taking lessons from my drawing class and trying to convert them over to painting. But I have no expectations of this play time…..I’m not trying to create a masterpiece, I’m not trying to create a major statement, I’m just playing!

And learning that playing is fun!

On the other side of the coin, there is a group I belong to, and we’re doing a Fractured Quilt Challenge. My fabrics for the flower petals are dyed now and I thought you might like to see what they look like.

I’m hoping that later today, after the necessary chores of the day are done, I’ll still have sunshine and clear skies to paint the background fabric for this piece.

So, what can you do for 15 minutes a day, every day, to add a little bit of fun in your life and spark your creative juices flowing?

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