Pondering and a drawing

I’ve been doing more drawing lately. This is a small one I did, a study of an elm tree done as a class assignment. I’m pleased with it, I can see improvement in my drawing skills, and I’m starting to believe that I CAN draw! Although if you had asked me that two weeks ago when we were studying perspective in buildings, I would have told you that I just can not draw at all. I guess the subject does make a difference, I enjoy looking at houses, but I cherish and study trees, and it shows!


This was not a quick drawing for me to do, but I enjoyed the time I spent on it. Although until I walked away and came back to it the next day to see what I had done, I was convinced it was the worst drawing I had done to date. On contemplating that, I think I tend to get caught up in the fine details and lose focus of the overall effect. Lesson to self, walk away and come back with fresh eyes!

8 thoughts on “Pondering and a drawing

  1. Judy, that is an amazing drawing!! I do think sometimes we do just have to walk away and come back. Thanks for taking the time out of your hectic schedule to share!!

  2. Walking away for a break, isn’t it the same as quilting, sometimes you have to step back to see the bigger picture. LOL

    Linda, you probably can draw like that. Before I took the class I wasn’t able to draw much. I could see it, but didn’t know how to get it down on paper.

    Anita it was done with graphite pencil. I have a set from Derwent that I really like. I can smudge them, but they don’t smear as much when I’m working with them.

  3. I only WISH I could do something even remotely close that and I would be soaring with excitement!

    Karen Anderson

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