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Stress Relief

It’s been a full week here, and last night I decided I needed more play time!!! There’s never enough “play” time, is there?

So, just for the fun of it, I pulled out a canvas I had started a long time ago and decided to see if I could salvage it. Hmmmm, not sure I did, but it’s better than it was. This started as an excess paint canvas. Yes, I can’t stand to waste paints, they’re expensive and it just goes against the grain for me. And since I don’t know how to get them back up off my palette to save, well, I pulled out a canvas and just started painting blotches of color on it. I was working on the Earhart piece then, so the canvas was mostly blue.

What to do with a blue canvas with some brown streaks in it? Landscape? Lake and sky, tree, grass. Sounded like a good idea.

It’s primitive, but I like it. That tree looks strong and sturdy to me. Not sure what variety it is, generic tree maybe? LOL I think it needs some deeper greens in the leaves. And something has to be on that distant shore, but what? I have no clue right now…..sooner or later I’ll figure it out. In the meantime, since these are oils, it’s going to have to dry for a few days anyways.

Now, back to the studio and the next customer quilt…………….

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