I’m participating in a postcard exchange on the MQResource site that has a theme of “New Beginnings”. My ideas went to seeds and trees and renewal and forests. Of course I would think “nature”, that’s just me.

Having an image in my head of how I want something to turn out, is hard some days. That image causes me to stumble, instead of just following whatever the piece wants to be, I struggle to perfect all the elements and sometimes in the process lose sight of the entire piece. So far I haven’t done that, as I’m still collecting the elements I want to use.

And one of those elements was Tyvek. I had an idea in my mind to paint the tyvek, front and back, with Lumiere paints, then zap it with the heat gun to shrink and texturize it. The end result would be a piece of texturized material I could then use for 3D leaves on my postcards.

But, having not played with tyvek before I was a little hesitant. I jumped in this afternoon and am so pleased with what resulted. It’s EXACTLY what I was envisioning and will work perfectly for my leaves.





And a close-up of the front corner:


My next step is to work on the polymer clay element that I want to use. But more on that another day.

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