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Adding Dimension

I thought I’d post a class drawing today. This class is taking us from square one to start. In our first classes, we worked on the basic shapes. Today we started adding tones and shading to add dimension. This is when things start to come to life. I find when I’m in this class, that even though it’s a long class of almost 3 hours, I lose track of time and don’t want to leave or put away what I’m working on at the end of class. And when I’ve finished a drawing, I immediately want to do it over again, to try something new, add some dimension or an extra line, or just to see if I can do it better!!

This pumpkin was a good way to end the class today. But I didn’t want to put down the charcoal and come home. (okay, I didn’t want to put down the charcoal and go anywhere! LOL).

It looks like the picture may be wider than the allotted column, so click on it to see the full image if you want, although all the more you’ll see is the pumpkin’s shadow!!! LOL I can see several things I’d like to work on in this little drawing, and I’m sure with time I will improve. But, for a 2nd day of actually drawing in class, in the first actual lessons I’ve taken for drawing, I am quite pleased with this little drawing. I am conquering pencils a bit more. And I’m starting to make friends with charcoal, but charcoal does seem to be very messy! Perhaps it’s just me, but WOW, the smudges you can get unintentionally!!!! LOL

Now, to find a desk I can work at here at home. Something with a tilted surface that can be lowered flat for other stuff and is a wee bit bigger than the laptop stand I currently have!

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