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Daisy Detail

Gayle asked me to post a picture of the detail on the watercolor background and daisies. You can see on this where I lost control of the bleed with the crayons, in spite of using textile medium. I call this a happy mistake. Until this bled, I didn’t realize that the problem for me was the perfection of the daisies. This looks, to me, so much better.

Gayle, if you want a larger picture, e-mail me and I’ll send you the full sized image, but it’s a big file. I’ve finally learned to take larger file sizes on my pictures and I can decrease the resolution. I still don’t know how to increase resolution on photo’s. It probably takes a special program! LOL

Drawing class today had us doing basic shape line drawings. Now I’ve done this before with the 4 basic shapes, cube, sphere, cylinder, and cone. But not in the way we worked today. We had to use these shapes in several different line drawings. No shading allowed, just line drawings. Our instructor had examples for us (filing cabinet, soup can, funnel, suitcase, etc) and I was doing well, until I got to the television set. That seems to have several different sized cube shapes set inside each other at strange sizes. I’ve got some more work on that as I’m struggling to identify the cubes involved in it. At least I’ll have the weekend to work on that some more before next class! No pictures of today’s line drawings, I’ve got to finish reading my writing class assignment before class tonight!

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