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Back to School

It’s back to school time here. Classes started again this morning and I’ve got a Drawing class this semester, as well as a Writing class. I’m looking forward to both for different reasons!

Over the weekend I did yarn dyeing. A new process that I’m finding to be very messy, but still enjoyable! And I love the results:

At first I thought I would get no variation in the colors, but as the excess dye rinsed out there is some gorgeous variations, especially in the dark brown and dark green hanks.

Late last night I thought, hmmm, I must get to work on the Flower Power Challenge. I’ve got a small piece I made on the embroidery machine that just might be able to be used for the main image, if I add my hand-dyes to create borders around it. So I pull out some co-ordinationg hand-dyes and start making borders. My thoughts, I’ll start with the bright borders and continue to the green ones next. Well, my borders kind of grew and this is the result. Not what I imagined, but I like it!!!!

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