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“Icy Hot” or “What will become of the Polar Bears?”

I’ve decided to share this quilt with the world. I wasn’t sure I was going to, but I think it’s important to talk about topics that touch us.

One of the topics that touches me is global warming. I often wonder, am I doing my part to slow down global warming? I wonder what will become of our world in the next one hundred years or so. I wonder what my great-great-grandchildren (if I have any!) will live to see.

Will they see the great Polar Bears? Or will they be extinct by then? How many other species will die off due to man’s greed and destruction?

For the design class I am taking, we had a choice to work in whatever medium we preferred for our final assignment. I, of course, chose textile. There simply was no other choice for me. I enjoy painting, but I am comfortable with textile and knew I could do a better piece in that medium.

We had to choose an oxymoron for the theme of our piece. Well, Icy Hot is a common oxymoron, but one that has many layers to it. We had to make two design principles obvious in our piece, I chose to use color and motion. I hope I have accomplished that.

Is the water icy (blue) or hot (red)? In the blue areas are different forms of sea life happily floating

But, in the red (hot) water areas, the effects of global warming are obvious.

What will become of the Polar Bears? What type of a world will future generations inherit?

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