Fiber Fix Finished

I finished the little fiber fix piece I showed a while back. After the previous posting, I decided the piece needed some sparkle. So it was experimental time with glitters and glues. The most important lesson learned from that experiment….you must have patience! LOL I tried several different glues after thinking the first glue wasn’t going to give me the effect I wanted. And when I was done, the first glue turned out to be the best choice after all.

Then I decided the piece wasn’t substantial enough to hang on its own. A trip to visit a show of Delores Hamilton’s work earlier this year gave me an idea for hanging this piece. I purchased a stretched canvas and proceeded to paint it to co-ordinate with the picture. A final mounting of the piece, and this is the end result.


I used a fusible binding on the piece before it was mounted on the canvas. I’d like to do this again and refine a few of the experiments I played with on this one.

Hope you enjoy and have a creative day!!!!

4 thoughts on “Fiber Fix Finished

  1. Oh I love the way that turned out!!! What a beautiful, fun, cheerful peice!! It’s wonderful!!

  2. Oh I really love this little piece! Your choice of the mounting is what makes it all the better!!

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