Value Assignment

This week our assignment was on value. Our instructions were to take a photo and paint it in gray scale capturing the values in the photo. I chose the center of a photo from a Lily book I have and enlarged just the center for the detail.


This is my painting in gray scale.


This took me several sessions to do, even though it is done in acrylics. My favorite tool for this, my paint saver palette. It allowed me to mix several black/white/gray shades and keep them workable over this last week.

Lesson learned, when we look at something in value only, there is a lot more value than we think there is when we allow color into the equation. With color the value is there, but I think we tend not to see it as much.

And for everyone who asked for a tutorial on how I did my small fiber fix piece, I will post it. As soon as I bind and mount the piece. But first I have to purchase the canvas I intend to paint and mount that piece on. Oh, I couldn’t resist adding some glitz to that piece as well. Hmm, maybe I’ll have to DO another small piece to show how I did it, although it really was simple. But then what would I do with that second small piece??????

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