Fiber Fix

I had a fiber crisis tonight. Blame it on either having supper with a dear fiber art friend, or on the diet Mt. Dew I drank after supper! Either way I needed to get in the studio tonight and create a small complete piece in one sitting.

So, I pulled out the Pellon P2 (a double sided fusible very similar to Timtex) and some pre-fused fabrics that were just lying in a bag crying to be used! Yes, some days fabric cries out for attention……some days……….well, LOTS of days!!!!!

I opened the drawer full of stamps and inks (note to self I need to use these more) and started to play. The result is a fun little piece that as soon as another friend sends me some pointers on fusible binding I’ll finish it off. Detail painting and possibly some sparkle need to be added yet.

I think I’m going to mount this on a painted stretched canvas so it can hang nicely on the wall.

I hope you enjoy this picture as much as I enjoyed my “fiber fix” tonight!


6 thoughts on “Fiber Fix

  1. Oh Judy! That’s pretty!! I’m blaming the mountain dew and scheming to send you a case so I can see more! 😀 Is it just tushinko stamp pads?? It is really pretty!!

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