Texture Piece Stage Two


The other day I showed you the background. Today I worked on the implied and rubbed textures. My understanding of implied textures would be textures that are drawn or painted, like her goggles, or the clouds in the sky, or the reflections in the water or the burnt edges of the newspaper article and map. Rubbed textures are textures produced by rubbing over an object. The island in the background is made with commercial fabric that has Shiva Painsticks rubbed over several rubbing plates to give it the texture of a tropical island. The reflection of the co-ordinates are done with Shiva’s on a batik fabric. These were all applied with Mod-Podge, an adhesive and sealant in one product.

Her face is done with a combination of acrylic paints, Tsukineko Inks, Fabrico Markers, and Pigma pens. And if you’re looking at her face wondering what’s missing, well, she doesn’t yet have a nose, noses are HARD!

The next step is the tactile texture. This would be texture that you can feel. Those pieces aren’t totally prepared yet, so stay tuned!

3 thoughts on “Texture Piece Stage Two

  1. I am enjoying your work as it progresses Judy. Maybe I am enjoying living thru your class vicariously? I probably said that wrong, but hopefully you get my drift.

    Can hardly wait to see it finished.


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