A little bit of quilting

When my Aunt Marie passed away a while back, my cousin Catherine asked me if I would quilt the quilt tops she found in her mom’s house. Of course I agreed to! These vintage tops are part of the family history, and it was the right thing for me personally to do.

I’ve been working on them one at a time, fitting them in between customer jobs and this is the 3rd of the 4 to be finished. The first one only needed binding as my aunt had already hand quilted it. The second one was a scrappy pattern that required an overall quilting pattern on it. This one screamed for custom quilting. This picture shows the true color of this quilt when the sun shines on it.

And the next pictures show an larger view of the front of the quilt and a view of the back of the quilt. Quilt fronts are pretty, but as a longarm quilter, quilt backs can be so cool!


3 thoughts on “A little bit of quilting

  1. It looks perfect!! And what a great gift to be able to finish some family treasures!!!!!

  2. Wonderful in that you kept with the era in quilting these quilts, great job. By the way Ms. Judy did you want the scallop border I quickly designed for you??? If you do email me your address, I am clearing things up and discovered the pattern here all folded up. Happy 4th….

  3. You are right baout the back, sometimes I get more of a kick from the quilting out of the back rather than the front. Luv it.

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