A new assignment

This weeks assignment is on texture. Specifically three different textures, implied, tactile and rubbed textures. Our assignment is a mixed media, collage assignment based upon a figure from history or popular culture (real or fictional). After much inner debate, I have chosen Amelia Earhart to base my assignment on. We are to use texture to portray that figures public image or personality. My piece will be based on her last flight.

The start of this piece (which is approximately 27 x 38) is acrylic. From here I will start to add detail and texture to represent her and her last flight.


The wood clamps on the sides of the frames were a lesson learned. This is done on foamboard and when I first applied a coat of Gesso to the board, it immediately curled up. Therefore the slats and clamps to hold it flat while the Gesso was drying.

I’ll work more on this every day and post my progress as I go.

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  1. Yep, I’ve gotten all the blue cleaned up! And we’ve decided we are NOT changing the carpeting in the den just yet, at least not until this particular furkid is gone. Since he’s young still (just 4) it will probably be a while!!!! LOL

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