Scale, Balance, Perspective and a little fun

I thought this morning I would share some pictures of recent projects and other stuff. Let’s start with the “fun”. My neighbors always have this great vegetable garden, while mine struggles to survive. They’ve already been getting an abundance of produce, I’ve yet to see either a string bean, nor a cucumber from mine. Although it looks like nature willing I’ll have some good tomatoes when they ripen a bit! And I do not grow squash. I LOVE squash, but I have some sort of squash borer in the soil. I don’t know exactly what a squash borer is, but it gets inside your squash plants just after they have bloomed and are setting fruit and kills the plant from the inside out. One day you have great looking blooming plants, the next you have mushy vines with wilted leaves. I’ve given up on growing my own. So my neighbors take pity on me when they have abundance and share. This week one of the squash they brought me was Twins! Yep, Twins!!!! LOL


These two squash had grown into one fruit, but they each had separate seed cavities in the center. And they made a great batch of steamed seasoned squash for supper as well!

Design class has had us exploring concepts. Our second project for class was on balance and scale. We had to do a three designs, one to show symmetry in natural scale, one to show asymmetry in natural scale and one to show asymmetry in unnatural scale. We were to work with color only in our original media, our reproductions were to be photocopied in black and white, and drawn in black and white. I chose to work with images from pictures I have taken of local scenery and flowers. The assignment in full:


And my favorite of the three pieces:


This weeks assignment was to do a drawing in perspective. We had our choice of one point or two point perspective, and/or atmospheric perspective. After working with several drawings this week, I think I finally understand perspective. I chose to attempt two point with some atmospheric. Mastery of it may come with practice, but understanding is the first step. I can no longer say “I don’t get it”, I do.


They say there is a story behind every piece of art. I haven’t decided if that is true or not, I’ll let the experts debate that, but there is a story behind this bare room. It represents a period in my life when I was stripped of all personal possessions. Some days the past just doesn’t stay buried, but that’s another story for another day.

6 thoughts on “Scale, Balance, Perspective and a little fun

  1. Thanks Jan, I was really nervous about going back to school for art. What if I wasn’t good enough? What if I made myself look like a fool? What if……………..

    ROFLOL……well, all the what if’s don’t matter because I’m finding this is way to fun and I feel so much freer now! And of course my mind doesn’t want to shut down, this morning I was playing with Gesso and oils and acrylics again……all on different items. Uh-oh, new addiction forming!

    Guess you really are never too old to learn a new trick?!?!?! LOL

  2. It does so look like you “get it”. I especially like your perspective piece…thanks for giving us insight into the history behind it. Sometimes it’s nice to know what prompts an ARTIST to create a particular piece.

  3. Judy, I just took the quiz, I too am a snapdragon….. Interesting and fun, thanks

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