Playing around with Oils

I’ve been playing around with a set of oil paints this week. As usual, I jumped in without reading a book, or checking out any instructions. Don’t we all learn the best from our adventures? I’ve done this scene before, in a quilt titled “Arizona Visions” which I added bears, lizards, and other wildlife to. Then I did this scene again with my Caran D’Ache watercolor crayons on muslin for a Journal Quilt Project quilt, which is currently traveling with the 2006 JQ Project exhibit.

So, I decided this week to play with this scene again, once in oil and once in watercolor (and I didn’t read any watercolor instruction first either…do you see a patten here!?)

After the fourth painting session on this, I’m starting to see the scene take shape. I’m still playing with color mixes to achieve the sage green that I need in the grasses. Perhaps I should pull out my color mixing recipes book?


Perhaps this evening I’ll have a chance to play with the watercolor one a bit more and I’ll post a picture of that soon as well.

I’m finding it very interesting to use the same scene repeatedly in different mediums. Every one looks different, yet they all share similarities. Do you suppose this could be called “working in series”?

2 thoughts on “Playing around with Oils

  1. I would love to see pics of the working series!! Heck, I can’t wait to see this one when you are finished!! I’m so glad you started blogging all of your creativeness. I am always just fascinated with how others come up with their ideas and inspirations.

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