Last Week’s Assignment

Well, as promised, I am posting some pictures today. First up is the first week’s class assignment from the Design I class I’m taking at Mitchell Community College. This class is on 2D design. Our assignment that week was to create a triptych in black and white showing unity, variety and emphasis. Can you tell which is which on mine?

I am not going to tell you my grades as I go through these classes. The grades are inconsequential to my purposes on this blog (and I am pleased with my grade on this one). BUT I will ask if you can see what I was trying to convey in the assignment. So, which one is UNITY, which is VARIETY, and which is EMPHASIS? Anyone?

Also, I promised my students that if they would send me photo’s of their hand-dye results from class, I would post them here. The reason, to see that even though everyone followed the SAME recipe, the results are different. Two of my students, Michelle S. and Barbara B. took me up on that offer. The first picture is of Barbara’s hand-dyes. She ended up with a really nice assortment of pastel/sherbert colors.

And the second picture is of Michelle’s hand-dyes. Michelle’s are much bolder, even though she followed the same recipe. I would attribute that to letting the jars sit in a warmer place while they “cured”. Temperature does make a difference in the results.

Barbara bought an extra kit from me that day and did another batch in the turquoise/fuschia combination and let them cure in the hot sun in the jars. She’s got some of the prettiest blue/purples I have seen in ages!

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