Challenges abound today

I think I wore out my camera! I’ve had my little refurbished HP for over 2 years now, I’ve taken hundreds (if not thousands) of pictures with it and it’s getting more and more tempermental. I got the pictures I wanted today, but not before it turned itself off several times. Then there’s always the press the picture button and have the video record feature start, or the press the zoom button and have the camera shut off and restart on a setup menu? I think I may have worn it out!

In the end though I did get some pictures. I’m working on 4 little black and white quilts that were done in an exercise from the book Color and Composition for the Quilter. The first of these has all the gold work I am doing on it done, and I’ve moved on to the second….where the problems started. Reading the instructions for this gold cord, it reads “Sadi does not recoil once stretched. Please hand with care.” And I did attempt to do that. The lesson learned is to do th beadwork first and put this gold cording on last. I worked in the opposite directions and now my beading thread is catching on the Sadi (which is a beautiful cord) and the end results is pulls like this:And an overall view of what I am working on (8-1/2″ x 11″):

I have managed to get some interesting pictures lately though. The one below I can attest to the fact that a watched pot never does boil. But before it starts to boil, it tempts you with some interesting bubble texture on the bottom of the pan:

I will work with this one day, I can see potential here. And the circular pattern the mini bubbles are forming in the lower left corner really intrigues me.

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