Presque Isle piece beginnings

Last month I went to home to visit family. While I was there, I spent one day at Presque Isle driving around and taking pictures. I had forgotten how beautiful it is there, even before spring starts to really bud out.

On that drive, three pictures I took inspired me to create a piece showing some of my favorite spots I saw that day. I’m not calling this a “quilt”, nor a “wallhanging” nor “textile art” yet. How can you categorize something that is still under construction? Especially if you don’t know exactly where and what techniques you’ll use to finish the piece?

But, here are the photos I took that inspired this piece:

I believe all these were taken from the Lake Erie side of the Peninsula, but as I never know exactly when on the drive I turn from the bay side to the lake side, I won’t stake my life on it!

This is the beginning of the piece I have started from these photos:

You can see there were 3 elements that struck me from the photo’s, the tree, the picnic table and the rock jetty. This is the first step of laying out the basic elements. Next I’ll start to add some detail.

stay tuned……………………..

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