The start of decorating

Every year, on Black Friday, I start my Christmas decorating. I absolutely love winter decorations, it adds warmth to the house at the coldest time of the year. But this year, I had other commitments for this weekend. So I started just a little on Thanksgiving day. I had an idea for the kitchen this … Continue reading The start of decorating

Going around in circles

It’s that time of the year when it seems I’m going around in circles. The weather yesterday and today has been fall perfect, and I’m finally feeling well enough to try to get stuff done. But mother nature isn’t cooperating. Yesterday we had this completely cleared But at least if mother nature is going to … Continue reading Going around in circles

Shop Update

I did a little shop update at my Etsy shop last night. I’m selling fat quarter bundles of my own hand-dyed fabrics. Five fat quarters in a bundle for $17.50 (plus shipping). They’re one of a kind, and when they’re gone, they’re gone. I also added a new sock kit. And have a few … Continue reading Shop Update

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